Tip for week #4. Time is gold.

“Time is what we want the most but what we use worse” Use your time with activities that make you feel better. Use your time to something with purpose. Use your time to make yourself happier than before. Use your time in a way that you won’t have regrets. Some suggestion: have a positive internal […]

Tip for week #3. A mindful approach.

Give yourself an opportunity to close your eyes for a few seconds and connect with the present with mindful-eyes. Mindfulness is not only about breathing in and out or cleaning your mind for a few minutes. Mindfulness is a lifestyle, a life approach. Mindfulness is appreciating anything that happens around and inside us. Some suggestions: […]

The positives of online therapy

On a regular basis we spend around 4 hours connected to our online platforms and social media accounts. We are familiarized with having friendships around the globe or being working with people from different continents at the same time. We are specialized in the immediate things, having whatever we need in the palm of our […]

Tip for week #2. Space to connect with what really matters.

One thing that we all have in common is the fact that we all have unhealthy habits. Procrastination, toxic relationships, conflicts, lack of time management, bad eating habits, lack of rest…  Think about the unhealthy habit that is currently causing you stress or making you dysfunctional. Write it down, acknowledge and accept that you have […]

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