Tip for week #6. Practice your hobbies.

A positive source of satisfaction is our hobby. And our hobby can be defined as any activity that helps us to promote positive emotions. This activity might be anything, and it doesn’t necessarily imply other people. Please, in order to boost your well-being, dedicate time to that activity as least once a week. Some suggestions: […]

Culture Shock. What’s that?

On many occasions, adapting to a new culture can become more complicated than we think. Before embarking on an adventure, it can be difficult to evaluate objectively the risks and difficulties that we may find. In moments like that, excitement and illusion flood us, and we tend to idealize what is about to come. If […]

Tip for week #5. Redo your priority list.

Anytime is a good time to look into our agendas and reflect about our organization. The base of a good organization in our private agendas is a good prioritization criterion. When was the last time you reevaluate the preference in your actions? Work vs. Free time Partner vs. Friends Chores vs. Relax at home Social […]

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