Tip for week #4. Time is gold.

“Time is what we want the most but what we use worse”

Use your time with activities that make you feel better.

Use your time to something with purpose.

Use your time to make yourself happier than before.

Use your time in a way that you won’t have regrets.

Some suggestion: have a positive internal dialogue asking the following question: “what does my life purposeful and deserves my time investment?”

Tip for week #3. A mindful approach.

Give yourself an opportunity to close your eyes for a few seconds and connect with the present with mindful-eyes.

Mindfulness is not only about breathing in and out or cleaning your mind for a few minutes.

Mindfulness is a lifestyle, a life approach.

Mindfulness is appreciating anything that happens around and inside us.

Some suggestions: use your breaktime to go for a walk alone around your office or school. Try to observe everything around you as it was a new environment. Try to spot everything you think it’s beautiful and make a mental list.

The positives of online therapy

On a regular basis we spend around 4 hours connected to our online platforms and social media accounts. We are familiarized with having friendships around the globe or being working with people from different continents at the same time. We are specialized in the immediate things, having whatever we need in the palm of our hands. 

Online connection is a must in our society, therefore there’s a need of adapting something as basic as therapy to the online format. 

In order to know more, we have briefly interviewed Miriam Esquivel, psychologist and coach at SINEWS Online Platform, so she can share with us her opinion about this new format of professional support.

– How can online therapy benefit you?

From my point of view online therapy is one of the best adaptations we could have made at Sinews. I’m constantly working with international clients, and sometimes because of their demanding jobs that require from travelling at least once a month, having the chance to keep with our interventions anywhere in the world is a huge benefit. 

Online therapy allows you to have the flexibility you need if you have a busy agenda. In my case, and attending the demands of my clients, I offer sessions on weekends which is the moment of the week when we all have a bit more or peace and can focus just on us. 

– ‎What do you need to have online sessions? 

You just need to have the internal motivation to boost your well-being and, of course, a good internet connection.

Our platform is adapted to laptops and phones (Windows and Mac), and those are things that we always have with us. 

– And what about safety and confidentiality? 

In the case of our online platform, the technical server is from our own, so we have encrypted connection from the beginning to the end, ensuring a safety connection. 

In terms of confidentiality, I always recommend my clients to be in a quite space and use headphones, so we make sure that the conversation is between us. 

– ‎What is the best part about working as an online therapist? 

As I’ve said before, the flexibility is one of the best things, but what makes a huge difference is that you have a closer connection with your clients. When I first started working as an online therapist, I thought we were going to miss the face-to-face contact, but no, you learn how to connect with them differently, paying a close attention to their key gestures and creating a stronger therapeutical connection because you can be supporting them under any circumstance.

It’s awesome to practice unconditional support with your clients and I think at the end the feel grateful knowing they can count on you anywhere, anytime.

Tip for week #2. Space to connect with what really matters.

One thing that we all have in common is the fact that we all have unhealthy habits. Procrastination, toxic relationships, conflicts, lack of time management, bad eating habits, lack of rest… 

Think about the unhealthy habit that is currently causing you stress or making you dysfunctional. Write it down, acknowledge and accept that you have an unhealthy relationship with your unhealthy habit, and then, break up with it. 

Some suggestions: identity the triggers, create a counteractive plan for those moments, and reinforce yourself when you get away from your ex-unhealty habit.

Tip for week #1. Space to connect with what really matters.

Give yourself space to think, to feel, to breathe. 

Get ready to stop when the high speed of your life, full of responsibilities and deadlines. 

Make sure you build a healthy space for yourself at least once a week, even thought it’s highly recommended to have a break every day.

Some suggestions: go for a coffee by your own, plan the day trip you’ve always wanted to do, do some volunteer work, treat yourself with a spa or massage, play your favorite song… 

Give yourself space to do whatever you like doing. 

Our mission, your well-being

Here to support you.

Here to help you healing.

Here to take care of you.

Here to understand you.

No matter where you are, we are here with you.

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